Nutri Hogar.

In this video we show a visit we made to Nutri Hogar Foundation, which provides medical and nutritional care to children with low economic resources. We read in Mat 18:10  “See that you do not despise one of these little ones, for I say to you that in the heavens their messengers always see the face of My Father who is in the heavens.

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Image: Cancer is CAUSED by chemicals, so why on Earth would you use chemicals to fight it?

(Natural News) Americans are scared to death of cancer, and righteously so. Mutated cells that multiply uncontrollably can take over organs, including the most complex organ in the body, the brain. Nearly half of all Americans will get some form of cancer in their lifetime, and approximately half of those victims will die from it. Or will they? What if you found out today that many people who “die” from cancer die from the treatments given to them by medical doctors and oncologists, and from the continued consumption of more chemicals after those very same patients are diagnosed, operated on, treated with radiation, and prescribed chemotherapy? Are you on “the drip” right now? Let’s have an intelligent discussion and get to the root of this massive pandemic-style problem.

Big question: Would you try to put out a gasoline fire by throwing more gasoline on it? Nobody in their right mind would. So then why do millions of Americans believe chemotherapy is the first choice of care for cancer — a disease caused by the consumption of chemicals? It’s time for you to second guess everything mainstream media and “specialists” at that multi-million-dollar “top notch” facility keep preaching, and take a look at the chemicals you’re consuming.

Walk into the health “war” blindly and you get “shot” – the best way to prevent or beat cancer is to stop consuming chemicals

If you could filter all of the chemicals out of everything you eat, drink, breathe in, and put on your body today, you could probably fill up a shot glass. Your filtering organs are being overwhelmed, your cells are getting choked out, and the cumulative effect of all of this is the mutation of cells that will eventually gang up and attack your good cells. Which cells will win the war?

Do you eat food every day that contains insect killer and weed killer? Genetically modified corn, soy, and canola are just a few of the known staple foods Americans consume daily that contain pesticides (in their genes) that come from chemicals.

How many prescription drugs do you take daily? Most of them are made in laboratories using chemicals. This process causes your body to be acidic on a continual basis, thus inviting cancer cells to proliferate. Many vaccines and most flu shots contain deadly chemicals, including mercury (listed as thimerosal), aluminum, and even formaldehylde – embalming fluid for the dead.

Many conventional meats in America must be treated with bleach and ammonia because when they come from the horrific mass-production factories (called CAFOs) they contain bacteria and viruses, including salmonella and E. coli. If you’re not eating organic meat and eggs, you’re probably consuming residual amounts of highly toxic chemicals.

Industrial-based chemical-loaded food coloring invades so many realms of food, medicine and candy in America it’s just insane. From gummy bears to cough syrup, and from kid’s cereals to birthday cake, people are shoveling chemicals into their bodies and wondering what went wrong, and if their “top notch” cancer specialist can save them.

If you think all organic food is safe, you’re wrong. Organic food imported from China is often loaded with heavy metal toxins from industry runoff. Organic canola oil comes from rapeseed, which is toxic to all humans. Poison doesn’t really matter if it’s “expeller pressed” or not.

If you need to lose weight, forget about products that say “light” or “zero” on the label, because they probably contain synthetic, artificial, lab-made, chemical-dosed sugar substitutes that cause cancer. You’ll be really light weight when you’re dying from cancer and chemotherapy. Want to lose weight? Eat only organic fruits and organic vegetables (no meat, no dairy, no gluten, no processed anything) for a few weeks and check the scale.

Top 10 chemical causes of cancer cell development

  1. Chemical insecticides and herbicides, including GMOs and glyphosate
  2. Chemical-based pharmaceuticals and vaccines, including flu shot
  3. Bleach and ammonia in foods
  4. Chemical-based food coloring
  5. Heavy metal toxins from industries that pollute farms
  6. Chemicals from automobiles and industries in cities
  7. Radiation and nuclear chemical pollution and leakage
  8. Chemical-based artificial sweeteners
  9. Nitrates and nitrites (chemical compounds commonly used to preserve meats)

And the #10 (and maybe most popular) chemical that causes MORE cancer…


Let’s take an inside look at numbers 9 and 10 now. These are both powerful chemicals that should never be ingested for any reason, much less on a daily basis. There’s a powerful corrosion and rust inhibitor people use in wood stove boilers called sodium nitrate. This same chemical is used as part of a deadly bait developed by the USDA to poison wild hogs to death – and quickly. Guess what? Sodium nitrate is found abundantly in most of the popular brands of sausage, lunch meat, sandwich ham, cured meats, hot dogs, and yes, wait for it… bacon. According to scientific research, sodium nitrate consumption increases your risk of pancreatic cancer by nearly 70 percent. Combine those nitrates and nitrites with the amino acids in the meat, and then with the hydrochloric acid in your stomach and the formula turns into nitrosamines – the same stuff Big Pharma uses to induce cancer in lab rats for testing. Are you a lab rat dying of cancer, while still running on the corporate “wheel” to find the cure? Sodium nitrite is so dangerous that cancer experts have declared processed meat entirely unsafe for human consumption. Stop eating chemicals!

Toxic medicine that literally CAUSES MORE of what it’s supposed to be treating

Cancer is a warping of good cells, so badly that they turn and attack your good cells. As long as your body takes in chemicals, the “bad guys” get stronger and multiply even faster. Nearly every U.S. hospital brews and breeds cancer on multiple fronts. First off, nearly all hospital food is processed, genetically modified, and severely lacking nutritional value. Children’s hospitals still serve hot dogs, knowing they cause cancer! Then, hospitals are breeding grounds for superbugs (bacteria and viruses like MRSA that are now immune to antibiotics and pharma drugs). So, God forbid you get cancer and go to the hospital for “treatment,” you’ll be getting dosed with food that causes cancer, cancerous bacteria and viruses, and medicine that causes cancer too. How absurd.

You read that right. Conventional cancer treatments involve treatments that yield a miserable three percent cure rate at best, while causing new cancers to develop elsewhere in the body. It gets worse. People suffering from cancer who get chemotherapy often end their lives in great pain. Chemo can trigger and catapult aggressive tumors too. Chemotherapy literally reduces life expectancy and speeds up the deterioration of the immune system on the cellular level, all according to the reputable New York Academy of Sciences journal. Plus, breast cancer patients who opt out of chemo live four times longer! Millions of Americans die from chemo, but the hospitals say it was the cancer that “came back.” Okay, but what caused that cancer to come back? That, my friends, is the question of questions to consider very carefully.

Find out more about chemicals that literally cause cancer, including chemotherapy, at The old saying, “There’s safety in numbers” holds no water in the United States of America. The masses are the ones dying from cancer and chemo. Seek natural remedies for your organic body and mind! Do yourself one huge favor: “Don’t Eat Cancer” and it won’t eat you. Period. This has been a public service announcement from Natural News, the best health news on the planet.

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TEPCO plans to dump all available radiation in the Pacific Ocean. This could be an extinction level event. In the meantime, TEPCO is getting the WTO to insist that S. Korea continue to import radiated fish from Japan. And it is happening to the US as well.



Ten “conspiracies” that became FACT in 2017… conspiracy analysts proven correct yet again

7 Reasons to Drink Warm Salt Water

7 Reasons to Drink Warm Salt Water

Have you ever taken a drink of warm salt water in the morning? Unless you take a pre-breakfast swim in a saltwater pool and occasionally swallow an unwanted mouthful, chances are you haven’t.

And while we’re on the topic, have you ever heard of Sole water? If not, that’s okay — lots of people probably haven’t. But it’s time you learned about this amazing, 100-percent natural drink. If you want to read the full article please click on the following link:


the depopulation chemical

 the depopulation chemical covertly spiked into vaccines



(Natural News) Just days after the release of a jaw-dropping video lecture called the Science Agenda to Exterminate Blacks, a bombshell science paper has emerged that confirms the use of covert sterilization chemicals in World Health Organization vaccines deployed in Africa. Entitled, “HCG Found in WHO Tetanus Vaccine in Kenya Raises Concern in the Developing World,” the paper documents the covert deployment of an infertility chemical in vaccines that are administered to young black women in Kenya.

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Glyphosate formulations Research

A new study reveals a hitherto unknown mechanism behind how the world’s most popular GMO herbicide harms the brain.

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Brain Chemistry and Human Behavior

Brain Chemistry and Human Behavior

Our Guest: William Walsh, PhD is a key scientist driving the development of nutrient-based psychiatry. With over 30 years of research and clinical experience, Dr. Walsh has authored more than 200 scientific articles and reports, has five patents and directs an international physician-training program teaching advanced biochemical/nutrient therapies to over 500 doctors throughout the world. If you know anyone suffering with the challenges of ADHD, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, anxiety, autism or any other behavioral disorder – this program will prove to be an invaluable message of hope – offering a ‘new’ direction to move in order to feel good again. Don’t miss this important show about our brain health, emotions and the power of nutrition. Please click the following link to listen Dr. Walsh speech about Brain Chemistry and Human Behavior.

Globalist vs Patriots.

Globalist vs Patriots.

The Oregon Militia and the Independent Media have forced Obama and the mainstream media out of the closet as they are forced to address our concerns.

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These People Run America.

Who really runs the planet? Who selects the leaders instead of the people electing the leaders? Why is everyone so afraid of them? They terrorize every family, politican and journalist. They dill their detractors.

II Cor 4:4  2Co 4:4  in whom the mighty one of this agea has blinded the minds of the unbelieving, so that the enlightening of the Good News of the esteem of Messiah, who is the likeness of Elohim, does not shine on them.

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5G Post Human

Max Igan joins Richie Allen to give his dystopian take on the imminent roll-out of the 5G wireless communication network.

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He explains 5G isn’t an evolution or an improvement upon the previous cellular network technologies, it’s a whole new form of communication that can be used in military applications. 5G is all about the Internet of Things; about everything talking to everything else. As Former FCC Chairman, Tom Wheeler said, “From pill bottles to plant waterers.” Everything will have an IP address. Everything will be categorized, everything will be digitized. It’s about self-driving cars and connecting everything up to a “smart” infrastructure; smart appliances, broadband everywhere.

Everything will become a node on the Smart Control Grid. The 5G frequency band is also used for crowd dispersal guns called Active Denial Systems. 5G can see through walls, it can see through your clothes and it can see if you’re carrying a weapon. Igan says it could be used to target you with a millimeter-band wave and disable you in your house while the police arrive. The potential for abuse of this system is hair-raising.

Dr. Devra Lee Davis is one of the leading voices against the 5G roll-out. She asserts that the frequencies to be used haven’t been tested for safety. Prior to his departure from the FCC, Tom Wheeler was very forceful in his opinion that no time should be wasted on such testing, so that the US could be first in a market which he said was going to create billions and billions of dollars in new wealth.

Davis is very highly-credentialed physician, as the Founding Director of the Board on Environmental Studies and Toxicology of the US National Research Council, National Academy of Sciences, Founding Director of the Center for Environmental Oncology, University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute. She’s taught at numerous top-level universities and has had articles published in the Lancet, Journal of the American Medical Association to Scientific American and the New York Times. She has said:

“Israeli research studies presented at an international conference reveal that [5G uses] the same electromagnetic frequencies used for crowd control weapons…[the 5G network] will tie together more than 50 billion devices as part of the Internet of Things…Verizon just announced that 5G networks will be tested in 11 U.S. cities. 5G Networks will involve the deployment of millions of antennas nationwide, thousands in each city, because millimeter waves cannot easily travel through buildings or other obstacles. Proposed installations have led to public outcry in residential areas where homeowners do not want antennas mounted at their yards or near schools.”

Igan continues, the roll-out of the Smart Grid begins this year 2017, with plans to have it fully online by 2022. Then he says there’s a 15-year plan to hand everything over to Artificial Intelligence. They’re saying that by 2025, AI will become self-aware and it will start running things, which is a very disturbing proposition.

Igan ventures that in a world “Where everybody is given an economic value and everything is run by AI then it becomes…very dehumanized. Everything will be run according to economic parameters. Humanity becomes completely expendable at that point.”

Mass Extinction

Mass die-offs accelerate across the planet, by 2020 two-thirds of wild animals will be wiped out.

Thursday, April 27, 2017 by: Earl Garcia  
Tags: animal extinction, animals, birds, elephants, gorilla, Oceans, salamander, salmon, species, vultures

(Natural News) The planet’s animal population is rapidly dwindling, with about two-thirds expected to be wiped out by 2020, a recent analysis revealed. To carry out the study, researchers from the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) and the Zoological Society of London (ZSL) compiled data on animal population and found that it declined by 57 percent between 1970 and 2012. The research team also found that declines in animal population is set to worsen to 67 percent by 2020. According to the analysis, the planet is rapidly loosing endangered species such as elephants and gorillas, and some lesser known animals such as salamanders and vultures.

“The richness and diversity of life on Earth is fundamental to the complex life systems that underpin it. Life supports life itself and we are part of the same equation. Lose biodiversity and the natural world and the life support systems, as we know them today, will collapse,” wrote Marco Lambertini, Director General of the WWF, in a cautionary report in

According to the research team, the destruction of wild areas due to farming and logging was the biggest contributor to the dwindling animal population. The report showed that only 15 percent of the planet’s land area was protected for nature. Researchers also cited poaching and food exploitation as key drivers to the decreasing animal population. In addition, the research team said pollution also posed a major impact in the animal population, killing marine mammals, predatory birds, and infecting amphibians in the process. Extensive water extraction and pollution had also greatly diminished the animal population in rivers and lakes, which declined by 81 percent since 1970. (Related: Learn more about the different factors affecting our planet by following

The collapse in animal population, as well as the prevailing climate change, serve as red flags for a new geological era called “Anthropocene”, said Prof Johan Rockström, Executive Director of the Stockholm Resilience Centre. According to Rockström, this would indicate that the human population has dominated the planet, which would reach a saturation point. “Through the widespread use of toxic chemical pesticides, herbicides and pharmaceuticals, humanity has poisoned every corner of the planet,” warns Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, lab science director of CWC Labs. He dubs humanity a “suicide cult” that has put the planet on the path to an ecological disaster that will eventually wipe out much of the human population, too. (See for more stories.)

The researchers cautioned that losses of wildlife may negatively impact humans and may even provoke conflicts. “You’d like to think that was a no-brainer in that if a business is consuming the raw materials for its products in a way that is not sustainable, then inevitably it will eventually put itself out of business. The report is certainly a pretty shocking snapshot of where we are. My hope though is that we don’t throw our hands up in despair — there is no time for despair, we have to crack on and act. I do remain convinced we can find our sustainable course through the Anthropocene, but the will has to be there to do it,” said Mike Barrett, Director of Science at the WWF in the same article at

Birds, fish are also declining in numbers

A recent report has also indicated that several species of birds in Atlanta have shown staggering death rates. In line with this, The Audubon Society monitored dead and dying birds to examine the cause of deaths among the animals. As it turned out, the city lights were to blame for the rising death toll in birds. According to the group, certain bird species flew at night to avoid predators, and the lights from the city’s skyscrapers seem to have attracted the birds mid-flight. These birds fly to the buildings and collide with windows, which either instantly kills them or makes them fly in confusion, eventually getting preyed on by other animals.

Another disturbing finding is that salmon population has shown signs of decline. According to a report by the California Department of Fish and Wildlife, salmon runs exhibited an all-time low. While the cause remains unknown, experts inferred that a decrease in plankton population in in the oceans and up streams may have something to do with it.


Flu Shots a medical hoax.

by: Mike Adams

(Natural News) A medical study conducted at the Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center found that women who received flu vaccines had a weakened immune system response in subsequent years.

Lisa Christian, PhD, the lead researcher on the study, concluded, “Growing evidence shows that those who received a flu shot in the prior year have lower antibody responses in the current year.”

The study proves yet again that the official narrative of the flu shot industry — and its complicit corporate-run media — is false and deliberately deceptive. Far from offering bulletproof protection, flu shots actually make people more vulnerable to influenza infections, which of course contributes to more people catching the flu and then falsely thinking they need more flu shots for “more protection.”

Yet it is the flu shots themselves that are leading to an increase in influenza infections. The flu vaccine, in other words, perpetuates the myth that flu vaccines are needed by ensuring influenza spreads more rapidly than would otherwise occur. In effect, flu vaccines spread the very infections that generate more demand for flu vaccines. The structure is a “perfect” self-perpetuating medical hoax rooted in fake science and relentless media propaganda.

In my news video below, you’ll also learn:

  • People who had a 2008 flu shot experienced a 250% increase in influenza infections in subsequent years.
  • A study published in Human & Environmental Toxicology found that mercury-laced flu vaccines caused a 4,250 percent increase in fetal deaths during the 2009 flu season.
  • The flu shot narrative pushed by the vaccine industry is a medical hoax that’s easily disproved by fact-based evidence.
  • People who get flu shots will be the first to die in an actual global pandemic because they have been made vulnerable to infections.

Watch my full video, below, for more details:

Scientist warn about fish extinction.

Fish Ectinction:

It’s time to update that old saying that “there are plenty of fish in the sea” as scientists warn that the numbers of old fish are declining at an alarming rate, putting future generations of fish and even humans in peril. If you want to know more about this article please click on the following link:

Fish-COLLAPSING-across the oceans


Cancer Enzymes


Posted by Rory Hall

Not long ago, Neon Nettle reported on the epidemic of doctors being murdered, most of which were in Florida, U.S. The scientists all shared a common trait, they had all discovered that nagalase enzyme protein was being added to vaccines which were then administrated to humans. (SCROLL DOWN FOR VIDEO). If you want to know more about this issue please click on the following link:

Doctors Who Discovered Cancer Enzymes in Vaccines all Found Murdered

Global Warming.

Over 31,000 scientists say global warming is a total hoax; now they’re speaking out against junk science Thursday, September 21, 2017 by: Lance D Johnson Tags: central economic planning, climate science, CO2, energy rationing, global warming, Greenhouse Gas, greenhouse gases, hoax, junk science, taxation schemes, US sovereignty
(Natural News) Over 31,000 scientists have united against the political agenda of global warming. The scientific consensus, which includes over 9,000 scientists with Ph.D.s, supports the necessity of carbon dioxide and sheds light on the agenda of global warming, which includes industrial energy rationing, central economic planning, and global taxation schemes. if you want to know more about this issue please click on the following link:

Golbal warming

Sex-trafficking of our children.


I AM JANE DOE chronicles the epic battle that several American mothers are waging on behalf of their middle-school daughters, victims of sex-trafficking on, the adult classifieds site that for years was part of the Village Voice.  Reminiscent of Erin Brockovich and Karen Silkwood, these mothers have stood up on behalf of thousands of others, fighting back and refusing to take no for an answer.  It is a gut-wrenching human story and fresh look at a social and legal issue that affects every community in America.

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I am Jane Doe

Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, September 9, 2017

September 9, 2017

Though countless forms of anthropogenic damage to the climate system have all taken their toll, now the full fury of weather warfare is being released on the US population. Paradigm disintegration is not coming, it is here, and will continue to unfold. So many will only choose to wake up when there is no other option, such is the nature of humanity. Weather cataclysm is unfolding all over the world, this is just the beginning. Could the power structure also be waging biological warfare in the flooded aftermath of countless extreme weather events? How much of the power structure’s agenda is yet unknown? How dire is the equation we collectively face? The latest installment of Global Alert News is below.

Ever more blatant and desperate actions of the power structure are increasing their vulnerability to disintegration from within. If we all pull together in the critical effort to pull back the curtain, we can accelerate this process. This effort must be borne by us all.

Geoengineering Watch wishes to express our most sincere gratitude to Eva for her excellent climate engineering awareness booth at the WholeExpo, on September 9th and 10th, 2017, Durango, Colorado.

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