History of Biblical Events

In addition to well-documented biblical scripture, secular history of biblical events also exists. When understood, it gives deeper meaning and context to the scriptures.

In the 21st century, we use different words than the people in biblical times used. Moreover, the meaning of some common biblical words is perceived differently today. This section of the website will assist and enlighten you in a way that will allow you to have a greater understanding of the bible and what Yahweh has commanded.

Many people will examine this website and become enlightened. However, enlightenment does not always come with learning something new. It can come from unlearning something to which one was exposed earlier in life. In a court of law, facts get at the truth. Preconceived ideas and beliefs are not allowed, only facts. Learning how to recognize biblical facts is where one must start if one desires to reach the goal of knowing what is commanded by Yahweh, the “God” of the bible.

The vast Christian population, indeed even much of the nonchristian world, knows Yahweh by the generic name “God.” Often referred to as the God of Abraham, but he is Yahweh and we will always use the proper name, Yahweh, so you must adjust your thinking to embrace that as you peruse the pages of this website.

What follows in this section are posts that tell a backstory to the actual scriptures. They are designed as a bridge to help you understand events written thousands of years ago. Taken together, they will enhance your understanding of the meaning of the words.

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