The scriptures teaches us that Satan and one third of the angels in heaven at some point in the past rebelled against YAH and were cast out of heaven to earth. Since that time Satan has tried to control the planet and lure people from following YAH. We are mostly taught that Satan’s main purpose for wanting to lure as many people from YAH as possible is that he is angry at YAH for defeating him and simply wants to deny YAH the lives of as many of YAH’s children as possible by getting them to sin and reject Yashua.
  But Satan is the king of deception, and if we study the bible closely we can find that Satan’s plans are much more devious and cunning than just wanting to “take as many people down with him as he can”. Satan is a vain and arrogant being who still believes he can take the place of YAH. To understand the full scope of how Satan thinks he can accomplish this goal we need to make a quick study of the events that the New World Order is trying to impose on all countries around the world.
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