Scientists warn about fish extinction.

Fish, isolated with scales, river crucian carp

Fish Extinction:

It’s time to update the old saying “there is plenty of fish in the sea.” Scientists warn that the numbers of fish and fish species are declining at an alarming rate, putting future generations of fish and by extension, humans in peril.  This can also be said about other animal species as well.  To know more about this article please click on the following link:



 In the last Bible Study, we covered Repentance from Dead Works.  The Basic Doctrines have a parallel meaning with the Feast Days.  Both reveal the plan of redemption for mankind.  They are chronological steps that we live out as we fulfill the meaning and purpose of our calling.

Repentance From Dead Works, astonishing as it may seem, is coming out of the world’s false and pagan religious systems.  It begins with the Set-apart Spirit working with our hearts and Continue reading “BELIEVE TOWARDS YAH.”