While you prepare for your eternal life it is also important to take care of your body, the vessel that is the current home for your eternal soul.  Good health is the cornerstone of having a good life, so Yahweh’s Assembly presents links to information that could help you have a healthier life.   In this section, you will find tips concerning food choices, healing herbs, medicines to avoid, and natural remedies passed down through the ages that are Yahweh’s gift to humankind. 

Today, we live in a marinade of electronic pollution that invades our bodies 24/7. Add to that the array of other health challenges occurring at a rate unprecedented in the history of the world, and it is as if we are fighting a daily war just to protect ourselves against the negative effects of our environment. In this section, our focus is on information and important issues relating to your health and survival.  We  showcase people and organizations that provide information or assistance to improve the life of our fellow humans.

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The Truth About Diseases and Viruses

The Healing Web The (Globalist Map)

The Pharmaceutical Greatest Deception.