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The End of The New World Order

by Pastor Larry Scher



•          When did the New World Order really begin?

•          Why does a Loving Creator allow so much suffering?

•          Why was mankind created? Is he a finished creation?

•          Why does the New World Order Have to end?

•          Why can’t mankind govern itself without empires always being destined to rise and fall?

•          With all of our technology, why is there still so much poverty, disease, and war?

•          Will there be a supernatural intervention to deliver mankind from himself and planet earth from self-destruction?


I want to thank my Heavenly Father and His Son for His sacrifice that delivered us from ourselves, our sins, and the works of the devil.

For over fifty years I have been a truth-seeker. I am most grateful to my past mentors, teachers, and fellow ministers who have helped me build the foundation of truth that I present to you in this book.

To all the brave researchers and journalists who risked their lives, and in some cases, were killed in exposing secret societies and globalists AGENDAS enslaving and deceiving humankind into worshiping their “god” Lucifer. I could be risking my life to expose the AGENDAS of the evil ones and articulating how and why their New World Order will fail.

George Orwell said: “in a time of universal deception, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.” We now live in such a time!


This book was written as a reference source to be studied and researched. It is intentionally repetitious and recaps various subject matter relating to important points. This will assist the reader to get the most out of this book.

There are places where you will see words in parentheses and/or quotation marks. These are words I do not use myself due to their pagan origins and their corrupted use in Scripture. Yet most readers need to understand these words so they can study them for themselves and correct the usage of the pagan words that are forbidden in Scripture — for example:

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